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Wedding Planning

  Encore Events is your premier wedding planning service located in San Antonio. We know the difficulty and stress that comes with managing a large event like a wedding. That’s why we make this entire process as simple and as convenient as possible. We work very hard to ensure that you always receive the best assistance and value on the market. You can rely on us to offer all the efficiency and support that you may need.

We work together in figuring out and your needs and creating the right wedding plan. Once we have a plan in place, you can focus on your day to day tasks while we take care of making your wedding day perfect and the process stress-free. We will also keep you up to date with the progress as well. 

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Decoration and Rental

An important element that makes a venue perfect are the decorations. We will find the best decorations based on your venue choice and liking. You can rely on us to offer all the value and efficiency that you need at the best prices on the market. Contact us and let us help you find the best venue as quickly as possible, all while staying within your budget. 

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Dj Service

  Proper entertainment and the right music are always important for any type of event. Our main focus is for you to receive the best value and quality. Thanks to our team you will receive outstanding music services, high quality assistance and a very good time at any event. You are free to choose the playlist or the DJ will pick the best one based on your taste and liking. 

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Catering Service


  Food, at any event, is one of the most important elements in making your wedding special. We will provide a professional catering service that will suit your needs at all times. Upon your request, we will meet with you and plan the meals for the entire event. Plus, the best thing is that you get to have an amazing meal for everyone while also staying within the desired budget!

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Magic Mirror Photo Booth


  A photo can say a thousand words, plus a photo booth is simply a fun addition to your event. More and more people opt for a photo booth for their wedding Borrar.  Encore Events’ photo booth prices are the best in San Antonio. Don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know how we can assist. Give our services a shot and you will not be disappointed! 

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